Available courses

English A1

English A1 is a basic and easy-to-learn presentation of English grammar. It provides practical, varied and meaningful content and varied exercises geared to your interests.


IdeasCurator is a Learning Academy Worldwide project aimed at visualizing the curating skills needed by young people in this information-overloaded society.  Students of the CURATING course will be able, on completion to:

  • Locate online posts and articles using prudent search strings.
  • Listen and read with questions in mind.
  • Categorize posts and articles.
  • Embed into an existing website

Improving Observation Skills

The Improving Observation Skills course introduces students to how the brain handles incoming information and how human attention and perception can be very different from reality. It addresses a variety of distractions in the manufacturing workplace and provides tips on how to manage these distractions. The case study emphasizes the importance of observation skills in shift changes, in workplace safety awareness, and for a company’s financial stability.

Introduction to Problem Solving Skills

This course is about the importance of problem solving skills in the manufacturing industry. It will introduce students to different strategies for tackling problems, and incorporates an interactive choose-your-own-adventure activity. Videos, interviews, and open-ended questions further engage students and stress good problem solving skills in the workplace.

Ponics Vocational Education Training

Are you a young farmer that wishes to learn more about Hydroponics?

Are you interested in growing your own Hydroponics Business, but you struggle to find more information on the skills that you need to have and the strategy that you should follow?

If the answer is yes, this is the right course for you!

This course aims to teach you how technological innovation can help you grow a sustainable agricultural business and will guide you step-by-step through the process, from acquiring the right skills, knowledge and competencies to be a successful  Hydroponics Technician to the resources that you will need. The training will help you build a strategy towards your dream: Growing a Hydroponics Business

Plant Protection

Awareness of crop pest, diseases, weeds, management of insects, diseases and weeds in crop through an integrated pest management system and the safe handling of chemicals are included in this course.

Soil and Plant Nutrition

Understanding soil, its structure, physical, chemical and biological properties together with soil fertility, its management in an economically and sustainable manner are core elements of this course.

General Conditions for Cultivation of Crops

Critical factors in the selection of cops and cropping patterns, the use of natural resources (soil and water), knowledge of seed and cropping systems, mechanization and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are included in this course.